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Belated happy birthday!

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I’ve been saving this post for gluten free cinder toffee cupcakes up since August, when I made them for my(non GF) son’s birthday. He was celebrating his 19th birthday and requested cupcakes this year. I have a pathological fear of icing (along with deep-frying, but that’s a different story…) – most of what I bake is very much on the rustic end of the baking style spectrum, as you may have noticed. 

However his birthday gave me an excuse to push the boat out and this recipe from Vagabond Baker fitted the bill. He’s a bit of a caramel/fudge nut, and this cake was easy to convert to gluten free. For bakers just starting out on their gluten free journey I always recommend starting with Doves Farm self raising flour as (unlike their plain flour) it already contains a perfect amount of xanthan gum for recipes that are likely to use SR flour, so it can be substituted ‘1 for 1’ in any recipe using SR flour. The alternative gluten free flour fridge-filling extravaganza that usually ensues from experiments in gluten free baking can wait for a while, until people get confidence and become more inquisitive about other options in texture and flavour available.

I will not reproduce the recipe as I made it pretty much as written, except for the flour substitution. I would say that you need to assemble these on the day. The cinder toffee ((like a homemade crunchy!) weirdly dissolved in the cakes left overnight, despite coating the bases in chocolate. You can find the recipe here.


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